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At New York City Window Tinting, we offer professional auto window tinting service to clients in the Long Island and the New York Metro Area. Buying a vehicle is a major life investment; by adding some extra protection through window tinting you can help to keep your prized possession safe from a number of dangers. The most important reason to tint the windows of your car or truck is to block out 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays, which can cause skin cancer. By tinting the windows in your car or truck, you also help to prevent the risk of your interior upholstery from fading or cracking. New York City Window Tinting has the knowledge and experience to help you decide upon the perfect auto tint for you and your vehicle. At New York City Window Tinting we offer a large range of different truck and car window tinting and films to meet your individual needs and budgets.
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Types & Benefits of Window Tinting:
Premium Dyed Window Tint or Film
Will block out the heat that is produced by light. Dyed window tint or film is a product which is dye based and tends to be darker, so they block out more heat because they are blocking the heat that you feel from visible light. This type of car and truck window tints and films block out about 30% – 55% heat, depending on how dark the window tint is.
Increased security is another major bonus in installing a window tint or window film in your car or truck. Most cars that are broken into are cars that the owner has left valuables such as a wallet, smart phone sitting out in clear view. Since tinted windows in your car or truck make it much more difficult for criminals to see into your vehicle, it means they are less likely to break into it.
Lower Fuel Costs
Another reason to have window tint on the windows in your car or truck is that you will use less fuel. Your vehicle’s air conditioning will not need to be used at such a high level, and a lower air conditioning level means less fuel consumption.
Ceramic Window Film
This film is one of the best and highest performing products on the market, and is dye and metal free. A ceramic window film blocks out the heat which is produced by infrared and light, meaning that it blocks a lot more heat than a dye based film. Whether it is dark or light, it will outperform a dyed product no matter what shade that it is. These window tints and films will block between 40% – 70% of heat depending on which Visible Light Transmission that you choose.
Crystalline Window Film
This is the top-performing product available, with the highest Visible Light transmission, as well as the best clarity. These products reject the heat produced by IR (infrared) while allowing for a higher visible light to pass through. These window films block more of the invisible IR giving more light transmission as well as a solid solar heat rejection. These better-performing window tints and films let you change the way your car, home or office feels.
The Leaders In Auto Window Tinting
Since 1985 New York City Window Tinting has been the leader in car, truck or SUV window tinting in the Long Island and New York Metro Area. We will guarantee professionalism and experience in any tinting work that we carry out on your vehicle.
We carry most of the major vehicle tint and film brands, giving you a wide selection of window tint and window film shades to choose from. We have a state of the art computer cut system by- Precision cut Software, which helps in giving you the best results for you and your vehicle. Our professionally trained installers are among the very best in their field and you can be assured that the job will be done right!
When you need your car, boat, truck, SUV, or motor home tinted, it’s an easy choice – New York City Window Tinting.
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