So you want to make your car stand out in the crowd? Vinyl Wraps from New York City Window Tinting is the answer!

What separates your brand new pride and joy from another? Absolutely nothing! To the casual observer, they both look the same. Just as people are customizing their smartphones with colorful protective cases, 3M-Vinyl Wrap film allows for similar customization to automobiles.

You could add racing stripes to your hood, flames to your fenders, or wrap your entire car. Mix and match colors and styles – the possibilities are endless and limited only to your imagination. Installed inside and outside, on flat and curved surfaces, Series 1080 is available in various product categories and colors within those categories:

  • Carbon Fiber (White, Anthracite, Black)
  • Brushed Metal (Aluminum, Titanium, Steel, Black Metallic, Gold, Blue Steel)
  • Matte (White, Pink, Royal Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, Apple Green, Blue Metallic, Black, Military Green, Dark Gray, Silver, Gray Aluminum)
  • Glossy (White, Light Ivory, Hot Pink, Hot Rod Red, Dark Red, Red Metallic, Burnt Orange, Bright Orange, Sunflower, Bright Yellow, Kelly Green, Sky Blue, Intense Blue, Blue Metallic, Black, Gold Metallic, White Aluminum, Sterling Silver, Anthracite, Black Metallic)
  • Satin (White, Pearl White, Black)

Common applications include:

  • Full wrap
  • Racing stripes
  • Carbon fiber hoods (roofs and trunks too)
  • Dashboard panels, bezels, and consoles
  • And Many More…

If you don’t see it listed don’t worry just ask we probably have it!

Come to New York City Window Tinting and let us help make your vehicle stand out in the crowd!
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