New York City Window Tinting can help save your business money with our commercial window film. You can increase energy efficiency with our solar window films, as well as update your building’s appearance. By choosing the right window film, not only can change the appearance of your building, you will reduce glare on computer screens, and save money on summer cooling costs. A full energy savings calculator is available for large commercial jobs to show how our window films can help you to save energy, the New York City Window Tinting pros will be happy to review the results and benefits with property owners or manager.

We offer a variety of window tinting services for commercial buildings including:

  • Solar Control Films
  • Security Film
  • Safety Film
  • Decorative Window Films
  • Privacy Window Films
  • Defraction stripes
  • Frosted Films
  • Solar Shades

If you don’t see it listed don’t worry just ask we probably have it!

Benefits of Tinting Your Buildings Windows:

  • Can change the appearance of your building
  • Can reduce energy costs, while creating a better environment for your building
  • Can reduce glare on computer screens, providing a better working environment
  • Comes with a special scratch resistant coating – for a longer life of the film you choose.

Commercial Safety & Security Film

Stop prying eyes with one of the industry’s highest-grade security film, and keep your belongings, tenants or employees safe with our top of the line window films, which are made to a professional level. Glass-Grad Security Films are also used by Homeland Security for bomb blast mitigation and is also used in high-risk areas by those who are looking to protect their assets and proprietary information.

  • Is virtually clear and invisible
  • Can protects your assets and information
  • Offers 99% UV protection to windows
  • Can protect your assets
  • Can protect against damaging weather
  • Can deters thieves

Decorative or Privacy Window Film

  • You can use our decorative or privacy window film on window or piece of glass:
  • Adds privacy to your glass whilst enhancing its appearance
  • Protects assets by acting as a visual deterrent
  • Allows a great deal of light through, whilst maintaining privacy
  • Enhances glass partitions, or adds privacy to office spaces
  • Can easily update the appearance of a building, or hide unsightly views

We are dedicated to offering high-quality service and total customer satisfaction no matter how big or small the project. We have the answers to your entire window tinting needs. Call us at New York Window City Window Tinting to set up your free in- home or office consultation and let our experts help you choose the right product that will meet your needs and your budget for window tinting!